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Viernes 8 Mayo 2020:

Miercoles 13 Mayo 2020:
DANIELLE PONDER - Soul Music - unique and exclusive concert in Barcelona! Miercoles 13 Mayo 2020

Mie 13 May 2020, 20:22 - Harlem Jazz Club, Barcelona
DANIELLE PONDER Danielle Ponder, voice, guitar - Avis Reese, keyboards When Danielle Ponder hits the stage, things get torqued up quickly like a tent revival during tornado season. She transcends musical genres with a blast of deep, powerful groove and soul, and according to Ponder, soul is more than a sound.
New York Native has spent the past years rendering goosebumps by perfecting her

Viernes 15 Mayo 2020:

Viernes 22 Mayo 2020:

Viernes 29 Mayo 2020:

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